API documentation is the technical documentation of an API. It usually includes everything from what types the API supports to which endpoints exist and what they do. The documentation is essential in a few ways:

  • Any developer who wants to use an API will need this document to know how exactly it works and can they trust it?
  • New team members should be able to understand the operations behind an API without needing any extra research or conversations with team experts
  • Users of an API will require this documentation to understand if the API is helpful for what they need.

Having anxiety is not an uncommon phenomenon, but when it’s so bad that it starts to cause you trouble, it’s time to take action. Knowing how to cope with anxiety and the thoughts in your head may help you get back on your feet and feel better fast.

One of the reasons for the high level anxiety during this time comes from the fact that they’re going through a lot of change and pressure. So it’s a good idea to try and keep yourself busy, distracted, and positive during these stressful times. …

Python provides broad flexibility of OOPS concepts, but it’s underrated/unknow. Today, let’s cover the usages of a different methods available in the Python OOPS teritory.

  1. Instance method
  2. Static method
  3. Class method
  4. Abstract method
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Instance method

Instance methods are very basic and easy method that we use regularly when we create Class in Python. If we want to print an instance variable or instance method we must create an object of that required class. They access the unique data, i.e. Instance methods will be able to access the data and properties unique to each instance.


def number_of_sides(self):
print(“I have 2 sides”)

My love relationship with KonfHub contest #azuredevstories

Konfhub conducted a technical blogging contest cum learning program where all the participants had to complete any one of the MS Learn tracks. I have completed the Python on Azure track in it. The initiative’s goal is to skill developers to learn new technologies on MS Learn and create content sharing their experiences building on Azure.

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To understand the Azure App service better, I have created a simple FAST API application deployment to Azure.


  1. Azure Account
  2. Github Account(with knowledge of any framework)
  3. Basic Knowledge of Git

Step 1: Create an app service on Azure

Go to portal.azure.com and sign in(or…

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As a 9-year old kid, I loved to eat candies and do maths, I agree it’s a weird combination of passion to hold on. Life was plausible and peaceful. My serendipity was taken away when I lost my vision in the right eye, After that Life took a turn and hit a roadblock since then life never been the same to me. For a while, I didn’t know I was having a vision impairment because my left eye was working fine(I was wearing spectacles from the age of two due to multiple eye issues). I was diagnosed with a retina…

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